OXNARD, CALIFORNIA - ClimateMinder announced today the deployment of its crop and irrigation monitoring and control solution for McGrath Family Farms. This system collects and monitors field, environmental and crop conditions from sensors in the field.

Phil McGrath, owner of McGrath Family Farms commented, "On our ranch there are several different soil types. One cropping program does not fit all. With ClimateMinder you get very accurate information about the soil moisture content on any block. I'm irrigating less overall. It's saving me water, time, and money."

ClimateMinder's CEO Bulut Ersavas explained, "By monitoring and controlling to measured conditions, ClimateMinder can alert growers in real-time to conditions that threaten their crops, such as extremes in temperature or moisture, and the need to take corrective action."

ClimateMinder's monitoring, management and control platform is provided as an internet-based software-as-a-service (SaaS). The system gathers data using an intelligent, fail-safe mesh network of wireless sensors and controllers that can be installed quickly and cost-effectively throughout an entire field, with a recommended density of one station per 20-40 acres.

Ersavas also added, "Our system ensures that growers have the information to optimize the management of their water, nutrient and chemical supplies, lowering costs and increasing yield and profits. And by maintaining this information in ClimateMinder's professional database, growers are able to better plan, budget, and organize their crops from season to season.

"We work with our growers from installation to training and on-site support to make sure they utilize the system to the fullest extent. We are also constantly innovating and improving the features of the system with the feedback from our clients."

SOURCE: ClimateMinder