FAIRMONT, Minn. -- CHS Inc. announced today that it will raise the per-bushel premium for 2007 contracted low linolenic soybeans to $0.60, directly passing along the additional $0.20 per bushel increase recently offered by both seed partners in the program, Monsanto and Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.

Demand for low linolenic oils by food companies has increased steadily and CHS remains committed to ensuring it can serve the needs of its food manufacturing customers with a soybean program that also benefits its member- owners.

Under its program, CHS contracts both through elevators and directly with growers in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa for low linolenic soybean production for delivery to the CHS crushing plant in Fairmont, Minn. Existing 2007 contracts will be amended to reflect the new $0.60 per bushel premium; participants on record will automatically receive an amendment confirmation to sign and return.

Those who have already contracted with CHS are eligible to increase their acres at this time, given the higher premium offer. And there are still acres available to contract by growers and elevators interested in participating in the 2007 program.

To add acres to an existing contract or establish a new, identity-preserved low linolenic soybean contract with CHS, call toll-free at 1-800-642-0046 or visit www.chsinc.com/beans for additional information.

Annually, CHS refines more than 85 million bushels of soybeans into vegetable oil for food manufacturer customers. These customers are increasingly interested in oil from soybeans carrying the low linolenic trait as these beans typically contain less than 3 percent linolenic acid, compared to the 8 percent found in traditional beans. The reduced acid level reduces the need for partial hydrogenation during the refining process, resulting in lower trans fat levels -- a much desired food choice for today's consumers.

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SOURCE: CHS Inc. via PR Newswire.