Chromatin, Inc., announced it has finalized its acquisition of Majestic Semillas, a sales and distribution network serving Mexico. This acquisition marks Chromatin’s latest investment in acquiring channels for the company’s growing portfolio of high quality sorghum seed products.

Majestic Semillas (formerly Marathon Ag Services) has developed a strong market and brand presence throughout Mexico — one of the most important sorghum-producing regions in the world. Under Chromatin’s leadership, the company has expanded its sales force and portfolio offerings and has introduced new products that provide a strong yield advantage, including some that thrive despite the presence of sugarcane aphids, a pest that is threatening Mexico’s sorghum crop.

“Chromatin has recently raised capital to finance its operating expansion,” said Chromatin CEO Daphne Preuss. “As we leverage our product portfolio and the Majestic Semillas team, facilities and brand, we anticipate significant market share gains in a region that accounts for over ten percent of global sorghum production.”

“For producers in Mexico, sorghum is of utmost importance with a market that is increasing,” said Sr. Collantes, President of the Confederation of Agricultural Associations in the State of Sinoloa (CAADES). “Sorghum’s ability to grow in both irrigated and dryland areas, providing grain and forage, helps guarantee a supply of food and livestock feed. Because it is a crop with less demand for water and a shorter time for production, it creates a tremendous economic opportunity for Mexico’s growers. ”

“Chromatin has expanded its sorghum sales to over 40 countries,” said Charles Miller, Chromatin’s Vice President, Business Development and International Sales. “Our latest acquisition provides a ready channel for Chromatin’s market leading sorghum technology.”