In 2014, the profits of the Chinese pesticide industry fell and losses increased significantly although numbers indicated some positives in segments of the industry.

According to statistics from the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, among 843 enterprise above a designated size, the number of the loss-making enterprises fell 0.7 percent while the losses were up 24.9 percent from 2013. The proportion of loss-making enterprises dropped to 7.1 percent from last year’s 7.8 percent.

An article on the China Agrochemical Industry Network website written by Cong Lv passed along the statistics.

In 2014, the main business revenue of the 843 pesticide enterprises in the Chinese pesticide industry had total profit for chemical pesticides 3.6 percent less than the previous year, while total profits of biochemical and microbial pesticides grew significantly by 23.7 percent, with a growth rate much higher than chemical pesticides.

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