LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA - Chemtura AgroSolutions(TM), a leading global provider of crop protection solutions and seed enhancements, has acquired exclusive marketing rights to Ferbam Granuflo(R) produced by Taminco and will now be the sole supplier of the fungicide to U.S. agrochemical dealers and distributors.

"We are excited to add Ferbam Granuflo to our product line because it offers growers an effective resistance management tool while providing broad-spectrum, economical disease control," said Jim Black, director of marketing, N.A., Chemtura AgroSolutions. "It is a nice complement to our existing citrus, pome and stone fruit, and cranberry product portfolio enabling us to now offer our customers in these markets excellent solutions for insects, weeds and diseases."

Ferbam Granuflo is a contact fungicide labeled for citrus, pome fruit, cranberries, peaches and nectarines. Part of the dithiocarbamate chemistry class, it controls many important diseases including apple scab, cedar apple rust, sooty blotch, black rot, fly speck, anthracnose, postbloom fruit drop, fruit rots, leaf curl, Lophodermium twig blight, leaf blight and fruit spot in fruit trees and berries. It also provides a low risk for disease resistance due to its multi-site mode of action.

Chemtura AgroSolutions plans to keep the current distributor network throughout the country. Growers may purchase Ferbam Granuflo through their local retailer. Please contact a Chemtura AgroSolutions representative or visit to review the label for complete usage information.

Chemtura AgroSolutions offers a comprehensive line of miticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and seed treatment products that improve the quality and increase yields of specialty crops across the globe.

SOURCE: Chemtura AgroSolutions