The Challenger brand introduces a new series of Challenger Endurance diesel engines, which are among innovative features found on the redesigned MT600B Series tractors.

"The first two models to premiere under the Challenger brand name are an Endurance 74ETA 7.4 liter (451 cu. in.) diesel, which is used in the 180-hp MT635B and 200-hp MT645B, and the Endurance 84ETA 8.4 liter (512 cu. in.) unit, which showcases in the 220-hp MT655B and the 240-hp MT665B," said Adrian Crisp, general marketing manager for Challenger high-horsepower wheel tractors. "Both six-cylinder models feature an electronic engine management (EEM) system that works in perfect harmony with the Bosch electronic fuel injector to provide quick and precise response to throttle movement."

The EEM system is also in constant communication with the MT600B Series' standard-equipment TechStar