The world's largest operating single-train urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) plant is now up and running in Donaldsville, La. CF Industries Holdings, Inc., announced that the new UAN plant was started up in early March 2016 and has now achieved stable operation. Since the start-up, the plant has already produced 80,000 tons of UAN.

The new plant is part of CF Industries' plan to expand its capacity in North America, and is the second new plant to be commissioned as part of the company's expansion plans.

“The new UAN and granular urea plants are running consistently at or above nameplate capacities, and the new ammonia plant is within a few weeks of being mechanically complete,”  said Tony Will, president and chief executive officer, CF Industries Holdings, Inc.

Total annual UAN capacity at Donaldsonville is now 4.2 million product tons, up from 2.4 million tons previously. The Donaldsonville complex has flexibility to switch upgraded product production between UAN and urea products, so the actual product mix of UAN, granular urea and other urea products will vary based on market conditions.

Upon completion of the new ammonia plant, the Donaldsonville complex will be the largest nitrogen facility in the world.