CHICAGO -- The Chicago Board of Trade announced today that its Agricultural complex set a new volume record yesterday, with multiple records also reached within the product group.

Agricultural futures and options volume climbed to 1,047,096 contracts, compared with the prior record of 1,006,014 contracts, set on Nov. 2, 2006. Further, the CBOT experienced its best day ever for the electronic trading of Agricultural futures. A total of 299,518 Agricultural futures contracts traded electronically, versus the prior record of 287,665 contracts on Nov. 2, 2006.

Additional records in the complex included total Agricultural futures volume, Corn futures volume and Corn options open interest.

The Exchange's Metals complex, which has been consistently increasing its market share of listed Metals futures and options traded in North America, reached an all-time high for open interest. Metals futures and options open interest set a record of 87,908 contracts, eclipsing the previous high of 86,934 contracts set a few days earlier on Nov. 3. Mini-sized Gold futures open interest rose to 10,317 contracts, versus 9,912 contracts reached on Nov. 7.

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SOURCE: Chicago Board of Trade via PR Newswire.