ST. LOUIS -- Monsanto and Cargill Inc. announced today that Cargill will expand processing of VISTIVE(TM) low-linolenic soybeans to its processing facility in Lafayette, Ind., to meet product demand.

Cargill was one of the initial VISTIVE processors for 2005 and is continuing in that capacity for 2006.

For the 2006 growing season, Cargill will process about 10,000 acres of VISTIVE soybeans at the Lafayette facility to serve growers in that area. In addition to Lafayette, Cargill will process VISTIVE soybeans at four of its Iowa facilities in Des Moines, Iowa Falls, Sioux City and Cedar Rapids.

VISTIVE low-linolenic soybeans will reduce the need for partial hydrogenation of soybean oil, helping food companies reduce the presence of trans-fatty acids (trans fats) in their products.

Monsanto expects that VISTIVE soybeans will be grown on nearly 500,000 acres in 2006 in northern Iowa and parts of Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana and South Dakota. VISTIVE soybeans have the Roundup Ready(R) trait and maintain performance parity with other commercial soybean varieties.

For 2006, VISTIVE will be available in Monsanto's Asgrow(R) brand, as well as Stine(R), Prairie(TM) Brand Seed, Latham(R) Seed, Kruger(TM) Seed Company, Croplan Genetics(R), FS HiSOY(R), LG(R) Seeds, Producers Hybrids(R), Midwest Seed Genetics(R), Crow's(R) and NC+(R) seed brands.

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SOURCE: Monsanto Company via PR Newswire.