Representatives of three Canadian provincial pork organizations will travel to the United States in an effort to help enhance relationships within the North American swine industry.

Beginning this week, representatives of Ontario Pork, Manitoba Pork Council and Saskatchewan Pork will travel to Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska to take part in the states pork organizations' annual meetings and trade shows.

Manitoba Pork Council general manager Andrew Dickson says the organizations want to establish a human presence at these meetings to explain how the Canadian industry works and the importance of having free and open borders in the pork trade.

The representatives are most interested in talking with individual pork producers to address some of the issues that U.S. producers have about Canadian production.

There are key things they want to discuss:

  • Manitoba is a safe supplier of product.

  • Canadian pigs are healthy, they are raised in relatively disease-free facilities.

  • Canada is a consistent supplier.

  • Canadian pork production meets all international standards.

  • The group will talk about subsidies and how they can be good partners in a North American production system.

    The delegation also will meet with state government officials, university researchers and local media to get the message across that Canadian pigs are an important part of their production system and a factor in some of the expansion in Iowa and Minnesota over the past couple of years.

    Dickson said trade actions start from resolutions at annual meetings, so, if Canadian producers we can get down there and make people feel comfortable about how they do business with Canada, maybe some of these problems can be headed off in the future.

    SOURCE: Farmscape via Pork magazine.