The top headlines on in 2016 highlighted the industry’s consolidations and mergers. Here are the top 10 news stories from 2016:

  1. Retailers Focus on Customer Service Amid Change
  2. ChemChina Moving Closer To Potential Syngenta Deal
  3. Monsanto And BASF May Reap More From Partnership After Syngenta Sale
  4. Bayer CEO can bide time on agri-business spinoff
  5. DuPont Doubles Down On Cost Cuts Ahead Of Dow Chemical Merger
  6. DuPont To Cut 1,700 Delaware-Based Jobs Ahead Of Dow Merger
  7. The 4 Trump Policies With Biggest Implications for Ag Industry
  8. Farmland Partners Continues Buying Thousands of Farmland Acres
  9. Court Rules EPA Cannot Vacate Enlist Duo Label; May Review It
  10. Why Agriculture is Consolidating