To expand the Apache Sprayer dealer network, Equipment Technologies (ET) has focused its resources and named former vice president of sales and marketing Jim Bates as lead on the project. Bates was one of ET’s first employees and founders.

“We knew Jim would be a great asset in expanding our reach across North America because he set up most of the dealers we have now,” says ET CEO, Matt Hays. “He will take this new challenge and run with it as he has in previous roles. We can always count on him to get the message across — he’s one of our biggest advocates.”

 “I just love to sell Apaches,” Bates says. “I think I’ll probably start out in the southeastern United States in the Georgia, Alabama and Florida areas. I’ll work with Apache territory managers to set up lists of potential contacts and we will work together to bring a few more qualified dealers into the fold.”

Bates said other states on his list are Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New York and Texas.

“The one word I emphasize when I’m talking to potential new Apache dealers is simplicity,” Bates said. “We all talk about it — simplicity sells Apache Sprayers. But it’s important to tell them the Apache story before they can understand the full concept of just how simple these machines are and that is just what I aim to do.”

Bates established much of the Apache export business as well, in countries such as Canada, Ukraine, Russia and Australia as the Export Manager for ET.

In early 2015, ET the maker of Apache sprayers, was acquired by EXEL Industries, a European sprayer manufacturer.