Farm Journal Media announced today a talented new content leadership team for the AgPro family of media and educational products that serve the retailer, consultant and farm manager sectors of agriculture. 

On Aug. 15, industry veteran Rhonda Brooks rejoins Farm Journal Media and takes the helm as Editor and brand leader. At the same time, Margy Eckelkamp steps into the Managing Editor role. 

The announcement follows the retirement of long-time editor Rich Keller, the recent extensive relaunch of the magazine and the rollout of a family of multimedia products that extend the reach and capabilities of the brand. The lineup includes AgPro Radio podcasts, regularly scheduled AgPro television and radio segments on Farm Journal broadcast properties, mobile alerts and continuing education trainings. The new offerings reflect the company fully integrating its row-crop coverage for the retail- and farmer-facing audiences. 

"Rhonda Brooks and Margy Eckelkamp are both outstanding journalists and leaders who understand the retailer and AgPro space," said Farm Journal EVP and Chief Content Officer Charlene Finck. "The knowledge and drive these two bring to their respective roles are just what the AgPro brand needs to serve its audience-and leverage the unparalleled ability Farm Journal has to reach both retailers and farmers." 

Brooks, who mostly recently served as Managing Editor of Progressive Farmer, is an award-winning journalist with extensive experience in communications for agribusinesses and retailers. Prior to her stint at Progressive Farmer, she served as Farm Journal's Seeds and Production Editor. 

For the past two years, Eckelkamp has devoted her talents to the Machinery Pete brand of products during the company's successful startup. While she will continue to play a role with Machinery Pete, she brings her extensive multimedia experience to AgPro. 

"I look forward to working with the content team at a time when AgPro is an offering unlike anything the agricultural landscape has ever seen," said Matt Morgan, Vice President, Crop Division. "Farm Journal is literally the only media company with the ability to reach both farmer and retailer audiences-and help companies deliver their messages to both segments." 

The investments in AgPro come on the heels of a host of successful activities following Farm Journal's acquisition of Vance Publishing's retail, livestock, produce and paid information properties.