Here are ways you can build on existing protocols to ensure they’re tailored to the next upcoming generation, Generation Z.

1. Clearly outline policies for smartphone use during work hours. “For example, you can’t text while you’re on the job, and here’s why that’s so important to what we do,” says Claire Madden, a consultant at Hello Clarity based in Sydney, Australia.

2. Identify how you expect employees to use digital communication outside of business hours and environments. Although you can’t control what your employees do on their own time, you can explain your expectations.

3. Appeal to global and societal interests. Gen Z cares about the global community and the environment. “Don’t fear this generation or shut down their connectivity online and offline, but see it as an opportunity,” Madden encourages.

4. Focus on non-repetitive tasks. The short attention span of Gen Z suggests you should give those individuals varied responsibilities to help them stay engaged. Look for ways to include them in diverse work groups.