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Asking for forgiveness, not permission

When you hear the phrase “ask for forgiveness, not permission,” what do you think? Do you think, “I can do anything I want and if something goes wrong or if I get caught, I’ll just say I’m sorry?” Wrong! Actions have consequences.
Often in business, if speed and agility are important and if many mistakes can be corrected, creating a culture of “ask for forgiveness, not permission” can empower a workforce.


Playing it forward: The benefits of fun in the workplace

Are you curious how companies like Google, Zappos, Southwest and others develop those winning workplace cultures, with such high productivity and profitability? Regardless of the industry, there is a common thread running through the highest performing companies: the inherent or stated culture of fun.


How to invest with trustworthy CEOs

Perhaps you’ve read shareholder letters that failed to educate you about the business. Written in PR-speak, they hide the CEO’s true personality and leadership style. But, not all letters will waste your valuable time. Invest with leaders who communicate clearly. As annual reports are released in the spring, read them and look for three leadership qualities.


Are you choosing success in your business?

Most of us have heard the term “keeping up with the Joneses.” The technical term is “conspicuous consumption,” demonstrating social status by the accumulation of possessions. Do you care about how the car you drive, the clothes you wear and the smartphone you use compare to those of your neighbors and colleagues? When we do this we are either showing off our success to others or wanting what others have. This focus on the others keeps us from evaluating ourselves based on what we want and what we are capable of doing.


Five barriers to implementing strategic direction

Strategy is a framework within which decisions are made, which influences the nature and direction of the business. Strategy directs organizations as they make plans, marshal resources and make day-to-day decisions. It is imperative that strategy is clear, concise and congruent. Otherwise organizations and people can be efficiently headed the wrong way.


Customer service: Eight ways to nail it

When working with end users, customers, and technical support staff, often the most common feedback received relates to how much a support person cares or doesn’t care. The simple act of caring about our fellow human beings is the starting point for providing great customer service. When you truly care about your brothers and sisters, your words and actions show it and the rest of your customer service skills just fall in place naturally.


How to protect yourself from unethical persuasion

Have you ever agreed to do or buy something you really didn’t want or need, and later wondered, “Why did I say ‘yes’?” You’re not alone. Whether you ended up doing a colleague’s job, buying nutritional supplements you had little use for, or donating time and/or money to a cause you weren’t passionate about, chances are you said “yes” due to some finely-honed persuasion.


How to maximize the risk-reward relationship

There’s no shortage of fanfare for the hottest corporate buzzword of the past several years – innovation. As Forbes noted in a 2012 article, the word has become the “awesome” of corporate speak. Innovation is the quality desired by business leaders, who tend to believe that if you’re not innovating, you’re dying a slow death.


Are businesses too timid with their growth plans?

Variety in business is generally good, but when it comes to profit and revenue, an entrepreneur’s expectations should be fairly singular – go big. That’s according to business development expert Cameron Herold, who drove 1-800-GOT-JUNK’s growth from $2 million to $106 million in a handful of years. Otherwise, he says, you’re probably selling yourself short.


Navigating today’s landmines without an MBA

Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. Richard Branson. Marc Zuckerberg. Ted Turner. They are just some of the world’s business giants who’ve never earned a college degree. If a costly college degree doesn’t necessarily deliver the goods on what works in business, then what does?


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