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Improving quality of life in your business

If you find yourself listening to co-workers complain at work, you’re not alone. A recent Harris poll found that 80 percent of workers feel stressed about one or more things in the workplace. Feelings of persistent high stress among workers have been shown to be related to negative outcomes including personal and professional burnout, absenteeism, lower productivity and lower job satisfaction.


Identify your employees by the theory of 21

There are two types of people in the world: the “20’s” and the “21’s”. The 20’s are those people who consistently declare that anything new cannot, should not or will not be done. The 21’s are those people who look for ways of making things happen – even those things considered to be impossible by others.


Succeed with an abundance mentality

Have you ever worked with someone who had a scarcity mentality? In other words, they believed that if someone else was successful then there was less opportunity for them? Their whole belief system was one of winning at all costs even at the expense of friends, colleagues, customers and even family members. They had a win:lose outlook on business and life in general.


Cracking the code to innovation

Everyone says they want innovation in their organization, but when an ambitious employee offers it to a CEO, for example, the idea is often shot down. Senior leaders often miss the value-creating potential of a new concept because they either don’t take the time to really listen and delve into it, or the innovating employee presents it in the wrong way.


Five ways to avoid being a cultural rube

Fostering a cohesive and productive work culture can be a challenge. There are the interests of different departments to manage, time pressures, budget limitations and a host of different personalities. To top it off, people in today’s workplace come from a variety of different backgrounds: different nationalities, ethnic groups, religions, etc.


Three ways to persuade others using stories

Experts tell us that our marketing messages should focus on the benefits of our products to potential customers and not on its features. This applies any time we want to persuade an individual or a group to take action. The best way to achieve these goals is by telling stories.


Talent versus determination

Hard working, talented people make the best employees. As an employee, we must consider what is in our control and what can we influence. We cannot control how much talent we have. But we can control how hard we work and how hard we persevere when times get tough.


The four pillars of seeing opportunities in problems

Look at the word “opportunity” and focus on the end of the word. The final five letters spell unity. My experience has taught me to believe in and look for the unity between problems and opportunities—even if it takes a little while for the opportunity to present itself. I call that probortunity thinking.


Multicultural communication tips for today’s world

Fostering a cohesive and productive work culture can be a challenge. People in your organization may have vastly different concepts of work, interpersonal communication and group harmony. Multicultural communication skills are a must. The good news? They’re surprisingly easy to practice.


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