The turning of the Cerrado region of Brazil into highly productive farming operations has been noticed worldwide. The success has occurred because of huge Brazilian landowner operations with international investment plus international crop production, crop protection and grain merchandising companies.

Learning how to deal with highly acidic soil in a “scrubby savanna” has meant that about 60 percent of a total 494 million acres has been converted to farming operations and the rest of the region is under scrutiny for being environmentally changed to the concern of many in the world, according to an article written by Tom Philpott and appearing on

Philpott explains that the success of Brazilian agriculture has resulted in the leadership of the African country of Mozambique offering 50-year leases of its savanna-type land to Brazilians for an outrageously low rental fee of $5.30 per acre for 50 years. He suggests this compares to a Brazilian rental for 50 years that would be $8,800 per acre.

To read a history of the Brazilian Cerrado region transformation and the African expansion by Brazilians, click here. Read the entire article from the view of an author concerned about the environmental impact in Brazil and Africa.