Brandt is expanding in Asia by establishing its Chinese office in Beijing and signing two distributors to carry its advanced, high-performance foliar micronutrient products.

“These steps mark an important point in Brandt’s evolution in Asia as the business continues to mature and become increasingly important to our global enterprise,” said Rick Brandt, President & CEO of Brandt. “We are incredibly proud to welcome XHF and Noposion into the Brandt family.”

Based in Beijing, Beijing Xinhefeng Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. (XHF) has signed on to distribute Brandt’s Manni-Plex line of high-performance foliar micronutrients. With formulations designed for a wide range of crops, Manni-Plex helps plants reach their full genetic potential by correcting nutrient deficiencies and building stronger root systems.

Shenzhen Noposion Agro Chemicals Co. Ltd. (Noposion), based in Shenzhen, will carry Brandt’s Innside line of advanced micronutrient products. Brandt Innside, a foliar micronutrient based on proprietary polyhydroxyl agents, is also formulated for a range of crops. Its primary advantage is improving fruit set, size and uniformity.

“We are working hard to build our team and to build our distribution network here in China,” said Lisa Fanhui, technical sales manager, China. “I am eager to get to work with XHF and Noposion.”

Fanhui, who reports to David Sincock, Asia Pacific senior business manager for Brandt’s Specialty Formulations group, will be based in the new Brandt Beijing office. Her efforts will be focused on driving sales and providing technical support for Brandt’s plant nutrition products in China.