Brandt, a leading manufacturer of agricultural specialty products, has signed a new distribution agreement with Verdesian Life Sciences, LLC. The agreement grants Brandt the exclusive right to sell and market Verdesian’s patented Steric chemistry in the turf and ornamental and eastern U.S. ag markets under the Brandt Reaction product line name. In addition, Brandt will market a number of other key Verdesian products from the legacy Northwest Agricultural Products portfolio (excluding WA, OR, ID, NV, UT, MT and WY). Brandt currently sells and markets Brandt Sterics in the western U.S.

Brandt Sterics have a strong following in the West and product demand is continuing to expand south and east. The chemistry improves nutrient uptake and efficiency of phosphorus, potassium and sulfur by delaying the reaction and tie up of nutrients in the soil so they remain available to the plant for a longer period of time. BRANDT Sterics are especially beneficial in high alkaline and acidic soils where nutrient tie up is common.

“We are very excited to expand Brandt’s relationship with Verdesian” said Rodger Younker, national sales director at Brandt. “Our customers have seen the value and ROI Brandt Sterics bring in terms of fertilizer efficiency, innovation and responsible nutrient management practices. We’re looking forward to bringing this technology and other Verdesian products into new markets.”

The distribution agreement is effective immediately. Products will be available at select retailers and distributors throughout the U.S.

“The agreement with Brandt extends the reach of our patented chemistries to new markets searching for nutrien efficiency solutions,” said Greg Thompson, chief operating officer for Verdesian. “The alignment continues to be a natural fit. Both companies are centered on delivering products that increase productivity and yield, and provide incremental value to our customers.”