DENVER -- Blue Sun Biodiesel has launched a new and improved biodiesel fuel -- Blue Sun Fusion -- that it says goes beyond ASTM specifications for superior performance.

According to a multi-year market research effort conducted by Blue Sun, the U.S. biodiesel industry continues to produce inferior biodiesel resulting in problematic fuel blends, the company says. Blue Sun estimates that more than 60 percent of the biodiesel produced in the U.S. today does not meet minimum ASTM specifications.

To address these quality issues, Blue Sun says Fusion's formula goes beyond ASTM specifications to guarantee consumers superior performance.

Over the past two years, federal and state government incentives and mandates have attracted new companies and capital investment in biodiesel production facilities, more than tripling the number of plants in the U.S. Many of these production facilities use unproven and low-capital-cost technologies that struggle to meet even ASTM standards, Blue Sun says. As a result, biodiesel fuel blends have caused significant performance problems, such as vehicle shutdowns from filter plugging. It has also been determined that ASTM certified biodiesel does not ensure product performance.

Blue Sun Fusion is the result of a culmination of four years of market research and product development, including hundreds of independent lab tests and more than 300 million miles of performance data. Fusion is produced through a technologically advanced process that fuses premium ingredients, including certified Blue Sun B100 and a proprietary additive.

The result is an alternative diesel fuel which increases fuel economy and horsepower, reduces NOx emissions, and offers superior cold weather performance. Fusion contains 20 percent biodiesel, so it also meets EPA alternative fuel standards.

Blue Sun Biodiesel is a leading supplier of premium biodiesel fuel blends, made from pure vegetable oils. The company produces biodiesel energy crops such as canola-type oilseeds grown by Blue Sun farmer cooperatives, and is currently implementing advanced production and distribution facilities. Blue Sun markets through an authorized distributor and retail network and focuses on quality management from the farmer to the fuel tank.

SOURCE: Blue Sun Biodiesel via PR Newswire.