WILMINGTON -- The EPA has approved a crisis exemption for the use of Avitec(TM) bird repellant to protect corn seed from damage by cranes, based on a Section 18 application from the state of Wisconsin.

The approval has been granted for use of the non-lethal product in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan, where cranes have been damaging corn fields shortly after planting by eating planted corn seed. Avitec comes from the Airepel(R) Humane Bird Management division of Arkion Life Sciences LLC.

Sam Walker, vice president of marketing and sales for Arkion, said the company has been a pioneer in the development of effective bird repellants and bird management technologies. Its patented formulations of anthraquinone have been effective in repelling geese from recreational fields and parks with Flight Control Plus(R) and in repelling birds from structures through their Airepel(R) Humane Bird Management business.

This is the first agricultural application approved in the United States. The product is non-lethal to birds and been shown to be highly effective. Various organizations have worked together to develop this humane product for protecting crops and managing bird damage.

Groups that have been involved in this effort include the International Crane Foundation, who did the field work to prove the product, plus The Corn Grower Organizations of Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. Support was also given by the Wisconsin Vegetable Growers Association, Department of Natural Resources of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan; Wildlife Services (a branch of the USDA) and the Audubon Societies in the three states.

"The International Crane Foundation is pleased to pro-actively work with Arkion," said Jeb Barzen, the foundation's wildlife biologist. "Our goal has been to solve conflicts between cranes and corn growers by finding an effective, non-lethal seed treatment. Through a collaborative focus on solving problems, agriculture and conservation have developed a win-win example that enables people and wildlife to better co-exist."

Arkion Life Sciences LLC, based in Wilmington, Del., is a technology-based company in the discovery, development and marketing of environmentally friendly, natural or nature-identical bioactive compounds in the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, animal health and agricultural markets.

SOURCE Arkion Life Sciences LLC via PR Newswire.