NATCHEZ, Miss. -- In response to the President's State of the Union address, green energy provider and biofuel research firm U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. is introducing its "USSEC Declaration of Energy Independence."

The company's recommendations and findings to decrease U.S. dependence on foreign oil are being published for official presentation to an exclusive network of key influencers, elected officials, and business leaders nationwide.

The detailed introduction includes an overview of the Rivera Process -- a bio-energy discovery capable of creating five gallons of high-quality biofuel for every bushel of soybeans. The unique fuel is created from 100-percent renewable resources, and provides an immediate solution to replace petroleum oil in energy production, reduce electricity costs, and curb harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

CEO and founder John Rivera said, "Our biofuel and energy processes provide a clear and direct advantage over petroleum products, with none of the challenges that have kept other green alternatives from being widely adopted. USSEC's approach to creating biofuel, ethanol and electricity can be immediately utilized to start reducing foreign oil dependence as of today."

The USSEC presentation campaign includes a direct response program, personalized guides, targeted media support, and a free "Green Energy" assessment kit that allows decision makers to evaluate cost savings and benefits from the energy discovery. The public awareness program also includes personalized introductions to senior Government elected officials in more than 200 major cities, and leaders from approximately 1,200 organizations.

Commenting on the Presidential address, Rivera said, "We believe USSEC will be an integral part of the policies made to meet this country's energy goals. The market and nation is turning to eco-friendly energy alternatives, and U.S. Sustainable has viable solutions that set the bar for what emerging companies within the green sector are capable of providing."

"It feels good to be green. Now it can come without compromising price or efficiency."

U.S. Sustainable Energy offers a patent-pending new energy process that creates three times more fuel per feedstock unit than any other biofuel process. The company has engineered the first bio-renewable fuel able to serve as a replacement to diesel, with none of the negative traits associated with competitive fuels.

The USSEC biofuel is furthermore created at a nominal cost as the byproduct of producing organic fertilizer from recycled waste products, a discovery made during research into agricultural biomass now known as the "Rivera Process." The technology offers a solution to foreign oil dependence, significant reduction to the cost of electricity and ethanol production, and the eventual reversal of greenhouse gas emissions.

SOURCE: U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. via Market Wire.