Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) applauded the United States and Chinese governments for a successful 2014 U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT).

BIO also applauds the establishment of the vice-ministerial Strategic Agricultural Innovation Dialogue.  This commitment is intended to synchronize policies – including those dealing with agricultural biotechnology – to encourage innovation in agriculture and ensure that regulatory frameworks are timely, predictable and protect U.S.-China agricultural trade.

“This development is an encouraging first step in building a 21st century U.S.-China relationship on agricultural biotechnology and trade,” said BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood.  “The biotechnology industry looks forward to working with leaders within the United States and Chinese governments to structure a framework that will ensure agricultural trade can be facilitated.”

BIO also welcomes reports that China has moved forward on the approval of some products that have been delayed for some time.  It is essential that both countries harness this momentum and focus on continuous progress to ensure the products awaiting action at various stages in the Chinese regulatory process advance in a timely and predictable manner.