Bayer CropScience is aiming to grow in China. The company plans to increase annual sales in the People's Republic from the current level of EUR 65 million (2006) to over EUR 100 million in the medium term. In pursuit of this goal, Bayer CropScience will be systematically expanding its involvement in China, one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.

"The Chinese agrochemicals market presents us with some good opportunities for profitable growth," Professor Friedrich Berschauer, Chairman of the Board of Management at Bayer CropScience AG, said to journalists in Beijing on March 28, 2007. Berschauer explained that a sharp rise in demand for high-quality food products and changing dietary habits in the constantly growing population have led to marked progress in Chinese agriculture in recent years. The company will maintain its high level of investment in research and development to ensure that it can offer Chinese farmers products that meet local needs. The country's goal continues to be greater self-sufficiency, particularly in staples such as rice, cereals, vegetables and fruit. Berschauer emphasized that the Chinese government is promoting the use of modern agricultural production methods with this goal in mind.