Sustainable weed management and support for the next generation of farmers are priorities for U.S. growers, so those also are the focus of the Real Yield Sweepstakes, sponsored by Bayer.

For the second consecutive year, growers can win free seed and herbicide while also raising funds to support their local FFA. To participate, growers simply enter at

Many growers already know the value of Real Yield with LibertyLink. In today’s battle against herbicide-resistant weeds, the unique site of action provided by Liberty herbicide combined with the proven crop safety of the LibertyLink trait can be the difference between abandoning a weed-infested field or harvesting a profitable yield. 

“How well we manage weeds in row crops today will impact the opportunities available to the next generation of farmers, which is why Bayer and FFA are logical partners,” says Allen Gent, U.S. product manager for cotton and soy seed. “Our system is based on the LibertyLink trait and Liberty herbicide, which is a working non-selective herbicide available to growers today that is effective on tough-to-control grasses and broadleaf weeds. Through this partnership, Bayer promotes weed control and herbicide-resistance management to steward our agricultural lands for the next generation of farmers, many of whom start their careers in FFA.”

Sweepstakes drawings will be held monthly through December. The last day to enter is Dec. 31. One grower each month will receive:

One grand prize winner will receive 500 acres of the LibertyLink system for either cotton or soybean. The winner will be announced during the 2017 Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas.

The sweepstakes is sponsored by Bayer, makers of Liberty and trait providers for the LibertyLink system.

Additionally, $50,000 in prize money will be divided among the 10 state FFA organizations, based on the states with the highest numbers of grower submissions.

The Iowa FFA Foundation happily accepted the largest donation in the 2015 sweepstakes. “We won more than $7,000. We really appreciate the opportunity to work with Bayer,” says Joshua Remington, executive director of the Iowa FFA Foundation. “The Real Yield Sweepstakes offers a great opportunity for a great cause: the future of agriculture.”

Bayer equips each participating FFA with material to promote grower submissions. Each sweepstakes entry wins a point for their respective state FFA. The state receiving the most points, and thus the largest donation, will be announced during Commodity Classic.