BASF Corporation has obtained access to tebuconazole fungicide, a triazole, from Bayer CropScience LP to be used in a co-pack with Headline(R) fungicide in soybeans, pending Section 18 approval.

Headline contains F 500(R), which in a combination with a triazole fungicide became the No. 1 Asian soybean rust product in South America in only two growing seasons. Headline received full U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for soybeans and corn in December 2004.

Tebuconazole has proven effective at controlling Asian soybean rust in South America, and already has Section 18 registrations for the single product from the US EPA for rust control in several states. Assuming regulatory approvals for a co-pack are granted by applicable authorities, BASF will combine the active ingredient in Headline with tebuconazole, to provide U.S. soybean growers both Plant Health(TM) benefits, and a combination Asian soybean rust solution.

Source: Company Release