BASF Corporation has entered into a distribution agreement for the sale of BASF's gas treatment solvents to the ammonia and syngas industry in the United States and Trinidad & Tobago with Kinetix Solutions, LLC. Under the agreement, Kinetix Solutions, LLC will distribute and provide services for BASF's Puratreat and OASE family of products.

Under the OASE brand, BASF offers its state-of-the-art amine based gas treatment technology for gases containing hydrogen and/or carbon dioxide for ammonia and syngas applications. Kinetix Solutions, LLC will provide BASF's gas treatment solvents and support to meet each customer's needs in an efficient, safe and environmentally-friendly manner. These values are well-aligned to BASF's commitment to safety and sustainability.

"As a leading supplier to the ammonia and fertilizer industry, Kinetix is well-positioned to offer the technical expertise, high level of service, and reliable network of industry professionals needed by customers," said Eduardo Padilla, Director, Corporate Distribution, BASF. "These attributes made them a good choice when we considered a new distributor for BASF's gas treatment offerings to meet the needs of customers and prospects in the ammonia and syngas industry," Padilla added.

"BASF is an industry leader in process applications and technological development of gas treating solutions in the ammonia and syngas industry," said Jason Danos, Manager, Kinetix Solutions. "We are excited about the opportunity to work with BASF, and we believe that Kinetix's technical service will continue to promote BASF's products and services, as well as provide additional resources to its customers."

BASF offers customers who are seeking efficient solutions for the treatment of various gases such as natural gas, synthesis gas, and biogas a range of technologies, gas treatment agents and complete technical services under the brand OASE – Gas Treating Excellence by BASF. Worldwide, these solutions have been proven in more than 350 reference plants. For more information, visit