Bailey Seed, Inc. of Salem Oregon announced the acquisition of Oregon Services Inc. of Harrisburg, Ore. Oregon Seed Services Inc. is a closely held Oregon Corporation that has been an active wholesale marketer of grass seed produced in Oregon since 2004. Bailey Seed, Inc. is a regional marketer of grass seed, cover crops, small grains, and forage products, that was started by Dick Bailey, a well known life-long Oregon Seedsman in the 1980s. The sales staff of Oregon Seed Services will continue to market their current OSS product line, and will assist Bailey Seed in establishing a greater national presence in the seed industry.

According to Troy Ralston, VP of Bailey Seed, “We have done business together for some time and there is an unusual amount of synergy between our two companies that will make the merged company greater than the parts.” Larry Dean, former CEO of Oregon Seed Services will continue to do sales and customer relations and product development for the merged company. He commented, “as I get older, it is a privilege to get to focus on the parts of the industry I most enjoy and be able to choose when I phase down and when I retire”

The two companies have history together that reaches back to the 80s and early 90s with two historical seedsmen who were collaborative partners, Dick Bailey and Jimmy Jenks. “Lee Ralston bought the operations of Bailey Seed from Dick Bailey prior to his passing, and a few years later I followed Jimmy Jenks as sales manager for Jenks Seed Connection when Jimmy sold his company and retired. Now, Lee Ralston’s wife and son is acquiring my company. Life takes interesting turns” stated Larry.