AutoFarm(R), a Novariant Company, introduces the AutoFarm RTK AutoSteer System 2005.

"AutoFarm RTK AutoSteer is the result of listening to customer requests along with our corporate goal of providing leading-edge GPS technology that operates across all brands of equipment and is the most flexible and easiest-to-use. We are also committed to continue to provide the sub-inch, repeatable accuracy that makes AutoFarm the premier provider of hands-free steering solutions," says Deane Malott, AutoFarm director of marketing.

AutoFarm RTK AutoSteer is engineered for interoperability that allows seamless integration with any brand and model of tractor, sprayer or harvester. In addition to RTK GPS, AutoFarm adds an ISO standards based architecture that expands the compatibility with other equipment manufacturers' CAN bus systems to provide unlimited expandability. The new standards support means that the AutoFarm system can host other applications and it can be deployed on other manufacturer's monitors.

AutoFarm RTK AutoSteer components are all-weather and designed for compact portability, simple set-up, and easy switching between machines to take sub-inch repeatability across vehicle fleets.

"AutoFarm's accuracy and repeatability helped us reduce our costs over $50 per acre. Across 10,000 acres, that is more than $500,000 per year," says Ellis Moore, a grower in the Texas panhandle.

The exclusive AutoFarm Logic7D(TM) control system processes real-time position (X,Y,Z) and orientation (roll, pitch and
yaw), enabling AutoFarm to perform in the most challenging conditions, season after season, year after year.

Source: Company Release