Athenix Corp., a leading biotechnology company that develops novel products and technologies for agricultural and sustainable industrial applications, announced the results from its 2006 field trials. Athenix' proprietary genes for resistance to the key insect pests of corn and tolerance to the world's leading herbicide, glyphosate, all performed exceptionally well in the field this past summer. Based on these successful field results, Athenix is advancing its lead products for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance into registration and commercial development.

In its herbicide tolerance trials, Athenix' proprietary class of glyphosate tolerant genes produced outstanding levels of tolerance to this important herbicide. In the insect resistance trials, plants demonstrated commercial levels of resistance to the key pests European corn borer and corn rootworm, as well as resistance to corn earworm.

"These successful field trials mark yet another major product development milestone for Athenix. We are extremely pleased with the outstanding performance of our plants in the field. We have made significant progress this year on all our key products. Our herbicide tolerance, nematode resistance, and insect resistance technologies will allow Athenix to provide the Crop Production Industry with the most advanced trait stack products," said Mike Koziel, President and CEO of Athenix.

"Athenix has entered an exciting and intense commercial product development phase that includes additional field trials and the development of regulatory packages. This will allow us to sell transgenic corn products offering resistance to insects and tolerance to glyphosate," added Nadine Carozzi, Vice President of Product Development of Athenix.

The genes tested in these field trials were discovered by Athenix' powerful discovery platform. Athenix has used its proprietary MiDAS technology to mine its extensive collection of microbes, and has discovered several new gene classes that control the key insect pests of crop plants, resulting in the industry's largest library of insecticidal and nematocidal genes.

In a separate effort, Athenix has demonstrated activity of its nematode resistance genes in plants and is planning to test a stack of its glyphosate tolerance and nematode resistance genes in soybean field trials in 2007. The soybean cyst nematode is a major pest in the United States, causing crop losses in excess of $1 billion each year.

About Athenix Corp.
Athenix is a leading biotechnology company that develops novel products and technologies for agricultural and sustainable industrial applications. Athenix is focused on developing enhanced plants, microbes, enzymes, and processes with emphasis on two major market opportunities: 1) the discovery of genes and proteins for novel input traits such as insect resistance, nematode resistance, and herbicide tolerance, and their use to develop transgenic plants for the Crop Production Industry; and 2) the discovery of genes and proteins for use in the Sustainable Chemical Industry. For more information about Athenix, visit

SOURCE: Athenix Corp.