Athenix Corp. and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board have announced a research cooperation. This research cooperation will explore opportunities of applying innovative technologies to corn, and provide information regarding potential future benefits to the industry. The results of this research will be applied and commercialized in ways that are compatible with the goals of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board.

"We are very pleased that the Iowa Corn Promotion Board has selected Athenix as the partner of choice to apply our innovative technologies to benefit corn," said Mike Koziel, President and CEO of Athenix.

Brian Jones, Research and Business Development Manager of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, said: "The research and development capabilities of Athenix are impressive and we are confident that this cooperation will further strengthen the role of corn as the major U.S. crop. The corn industry
has a proven track record of impressive productivity gains from utilizing new technologies, and this research has the potential to contribute further to that record."

Source: Company Release