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Iowa farmland prices down 7.6 percent in 6 months

Farmland prices in Iowa, the top U.S. corn and soybean state, are down by an average 7.6 percent over the past six months and 11 percent from a year ago, pressured by lower grain prices and firmer interest rates, according to a survey released Tuesday.


UN conference calls for action on climate-resilient farming

Research on climate-resilient agriculture must be turned urgently into initiatives to help farmers adapt to deteriorating land conditions, a conference has heard. Attendees of the UN Climate-Smart Agriculture conference, which took place this month (March 16-18) in Montpellier, France, issued a declaration listing several steps that governments could take to create evidence-based agriculture policies from scientific results.


Shading bell peppers may increase yields

University of Georgia horticulturist Juan Carlos Diaz-Perez has found that covering bell peppers with shading nets increases yields, extends the growing season and makes for more attractive fruit.


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