BASF researchers recently confirmed the discovery of a unique mode of action for its Initium fungicide, often used in combination with other fungicides. In the U.S. it is a key component of Zampro fungicide.

Initium is a mitochondrial respiration inhibitor and belongs to a new class of chemistry, the pyrimidylamines. Relevant fact is that Initium has now been proven to bind to the stigmatellin subsite in the respiratory complex III of susceptible fungus.

This means that Initium is the first and currently the only fungicide in this classification, and, therefore, not cross-resistant with other commercial fungicides, making Initium an ideal tool for managing fungal resistance in specialty crops. The classification has been shared with and accepted by the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC).

“This discovery marks a significant scientific breakthrough for BASF’s research and development team. It is exciting for our team to have developed a molecule with such a novel mode of action,” said Philip Lane, vice president global research, fungicides, BASF.

Initium-based products were first registered in 2010 and, most Initium-based products are currently available for more than 30 specialty crops, including grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and other vegetables, in more than 50 countries.

Initium is a highly selective fungicide that reliably and flexibly controls a range of downy mildews and late blights. Its rainfastness and ability to redistribute on growing leaves keep crops protected and healthy for longer, allowing them to develop to their full potential, the company noted.

Because of the Initium fungicide ingredient, Zampro fungicide is the first, and currently only, fungicide in this new unique mode of action classification in the U.S. Zampro fungicide is not cross-resistant with other commercial fungicides, making it an ideal tool for managing fungal resistance in specialty crops.

“Zampro fungicide provides two modes of action, one of which is a completely unique class of control,” said Jennifer Holland, Ph.D., product manager, BASF, in referring to the inclusion of Initium. “The fungicide is a superior solution for vegetable growers seeking control of downy mildew and late blight.” 

Zampro fungicide is the latest introduction in the BASF specialty fungicide portfolio and is a highly selective fungicide that should be used preventatively.