Enable 2F fungicide now is available to help citrus producers manage citrus black spot in Florida.

Dow AgroSciences last week issued a product bulletin to address grower concerns regarding citrus black spot, a new and concerning pathogen in Florida. Citrus black spot was first identified in Florida in 2010, and has spread rapidly, impacting the access Florida growers have to export markets. To supply growers with the products needed to treat this economically devastating disease, University of Florida researchers first tested existing treatment options. Enable 2F passed the test.

“Growers watching this disease slowly spread have been concerned about the impact on their groves and their markets. Because Dow AgroSciences shared that concern, we worked diligently to determine whether Enable 2F could help growers manage this emerging disease,” says Marney Stauffer, Dow AgroSciences product manager for Enable 2F. “The science shows adding Enable 2F to a spray program effectively controls citrus black spot and will become an additional tool for Florida growers.”

Under the expanded label, Enable 2F fungicide can be applied to control citrus black spot at up to 8 fl. oz./A, with a maximum of 24 fl. oz./A annually. Enable 2F can be applied up to the day of harvest to control citrus black spot.

Enable 2F is the only FRAC Group 3 fungicide available to Florida growers for control of citrus black spot. The other recommended chemical treatments for this emerging disease are copper and strobilurins. Enable 2F, with the active ingredient fenbuconazole, is a triazole fungicide in the sterol-inhibitor class. To print the Florida label for citrus black spot, visit www.Enablefungicide.com.