Growers of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots seeking early-season insect and disease protection have a new tool available to them this year. Syngenta announced that brassica and carrot seed can now be treated with FarMore technology, a comprehensive combination of separately-registered seed protection products, proprietary application technologies and dedicated seed treatment services that helps production by enhancing performance and quality.

“The benefit to both FarMore FI400 Brassica and FarMore FI400 Carrot is consistent performance,” said David Long, seed care product lead for Syngenta. “Growers will see enhanced seedling emergence, maximized plant stand establishment, and early-season vigor and plant health—not to mention the yield potential they’ll protect.”

FarMore FI400 technology combines the three fungicides found in FarMore F300 technology with thiamethoxam insecticide to provide protection against a broad spectrum of early-season diseases and insects.

“In Syngenta trials, FarMore FI400 technology has consistently delivered early-season protection, ultimately improving the yield and quality of brassica and carrot crops,” said David Belles, technical product lead for Syngenta seed care technology.

More about the portfolio of Syngenta products for brassicas and carrots is available at