Lead employees to soar, PILOT them to higher levels

Have you noticed that your employees or staff members seem stuck and unable to move upward? Do you have employees who sit in meetings like a plane stuck on the runway? Have you noticed that your employees don’t seem to be reaching for the sky? If you have noticed any of these situations in your business, it may be time to PILOT your employees more than merely manage them. Not only will you notice an increased amount of motivation among employees, you will begin to notice that they are contributing more and becoming more involved and invested in your business.


Hall and Hall Auctions in three states generates $11.49 million

Hall and Hall Auctions announced the results of several recent land auctions in Kansas, Oklahoma and Montana. Four auctions in Kansas and Oklahoma held on October 21-22 resulted in 8,702 acres selling to four different buyers for $6,258,876. A Glasgow, Mont., auction on Nov. 20 resulted in 12,229 acres (20,678 with lease acres) selling to four different buyers for $5,236,400. This is a total of 20,931 acres in three states totaling $11,495,276 selling at auction over the past month.


GMO food animals should be judged by product, not process, scientists say

In a world with a burgeoning demand for meat, milk and eggs, regulatory policies around the use of biotechnologies in agriculture need to be based on the safety and attributes of those foods rather than on the methods used to produce them, says a UC Davis animal scientist.


BASF promotes the first Farm Network conference

BASF gathered experts from six European countries to advance the knowledge of best farming practices and spread them across key stakeholder groups. The conference is part of the Farm Network's activites, a partnership by BASF, to foster programs that balance farm production with the protection of the land and the environment for generations to come.


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