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Ag lenders see more demand for services to support customers

A survey of Farm Credit lenders in America’s heartland shows an increased demand for market risk management services as farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses respond to a tightening agriculture economy. AgriBank, the St. Paul, Minn.-based Farm Credit Bank, released the poll with a new report that examines trends innet farm income and farm balance sheets, and points to the need for producers act now to position themselves for success.


Commentary: Agriculture industry faces internal, external challenges

As I survey the landscape of agriculture today, I see a sector plagued by deconstruction both from internal and external forces. Agriculture is more fractured now than any time in my life, and it doesn’t have to be. Internally, agricultural producers spend tremendous amounts of time and energy arguing about which production style is superior. For some, it’s a marketing ploy used to garner attention and sell their product at a higher premium. For others, questioning their production style is akin to attacking a family heritage. Adopting new practices, embracing change runs counter-intuitive to generations of experience, so they lash out.


Delayed corn planting affects crop management decisions

Farmers that have not completed corn planting may be considering switching from corn to soybean or keeping corn, but switching to an earlier hybrid. Both of these decisions can be complicated and depend on yield and other information that are imprecise estimates and highly dependent on weather conditions the crops experience throughout the rest of the growing season.


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