FMC Corp. has announced that Aria insecticide is available for use on ornamentals grown indoors in greenhouses and interiorscapes. It is especially effective against aphids, one of the most economically important greenhouse pests, as well as mealy bugs. The registration of Aria is the first in the world for its active ingredient, flonicamid, and represents the first product registration as a result of an agreement between FMC and Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. (ISK).

Aria represents an advanced chemistry that stops aphids from feeding within one hour of treatment, eliminating them altogether in 3-5 days. This speed provides greenhouse producers protection of their investment by stopping aphids' damaging behavior quickly and effectively, and defending against virus transmission.

"Aria is tough on all major species of aphids but easy on most plant species and ornamentals," says Don Claus, Director, Specialty Products Business, FMC Agricultural Products Group. "It's a softer, 'green' chemistry around birds, honeybees and beneficial insects, with no observed effect on coleopterans, lepidopterans or arachnids."

Source: PRNewswire