WASHINGTON, D.C. -- For the last 25 years, architect John Blackburn has been practicing sustainable principles in all his designs, long before "green" became cool. In recognition of Earth Day and to do their part this year, Blackburn and his team are introducing Blackburn greenbarns(TM), starting with four, ready-to-build design models for horse owners that feature sustainable, LEED-worthy materials and finishes.

Energy-saving, "passive design" innovations are hidden within the designs, for example, the large roofs are oriented to capture wind and sun in order to ventilate and light the barns naturally. Also offered are optional, eco-friendly systems such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting to take greenbarns(TM) to the next level in sustainability.

Blackburn, AIA, senior principal of Blackburn Architects, PC and creator of the greenbarns(TM), is internationally known as a designer and builder of state-of-the-art equestrian facilities, with approximately 100 equestrian projects to date accommodating more than 4,000 horse stalls.

In the Washington D.C. area, he also is an established leader in adaptive reuse of existing residential and commercial structures.

The downturn in the economy motivated Blackburn to explore more cost-effective ways of designing and building barns.

"Just because it's less expensive, doesn't mean we have to compromise our values," he states. "We still follow the same principles that have guided our practice from the beginning: design for the health and safety of the horse that reflects the needs of the owner and the site. Adding the green elements of design to further drive this home only adds to the value."

Currently there is no LEED category for agricultural structures, but the U.S. Green Building Association (the organization in charge of LEED) has granted permission for its logo to be used on the greenbarns(TM) website, designating the barns "LEED-worthy."

The four Blackburn greenbarns(TM) design models offer clients the choice of purchasing Just the Plans; Plans Plus architectural consulting services to properly site and situate the barn for maximum potential; and a Turnkey service option that combines builder fees with design fees into one sum.

SOURCE: Blackburn greenbarns via PR Newswire.