PORTLAND, Ore. -- Animal Profiling International introduces its WriteTAG(TM) System, which makes it possible for an animal to carry important data such as age, source and health history on its ear tag while upholding the privacy standards producers demand.

"The WriteTAG System solves the challenge of the U.S. animal identification dilemma by having a system that will allow each animal to carry all of its own data on its ear tag," stated Bruce Hoffman, DVM and president of API. "It is equally crucial for international sales. Having the age of the animal permanently recorded on an electronic tag streamlines the documentation process to achieve premium pricing for age and source verified cattle. With the WriteTAG System information feedback is immediate -- the data is there with the animal."

The system is both easy-to-use and confidential. It can include a series of hardware and software products to assist users ranging from the small farmer/rancher to the most complex and largest of operations. Health-history information is written to the tag with any of the system's WriteTAG read/write units. Confidentiality and control of all information is assured by having the data encrypted on the tag.

The WriteTAG System's data can also be incorporated with a national database should such a strategy be mandated. The WriteTAG System provides instant traceback -- exceeding the industry demand of 48-hours.

"It's nice to see a company that is taking ID technology into the 21st century," said Ken Schilz of McGinley-Schilz Feedyard. "The extra and more reliable information that we'll be able to receive from the WriteTAG Electronic Ear Tag is very valuable to us. We are going to reimburse our ranchers for using those tags."

Natural food groups are excited about the feature that documents antibiotic treatment for the growing segment of the cattle industry that markets non-antibiotic meat or natural beef.

Coleman Natural Products chairman, Mel Coleman Jr., said, "We see an increased value of having data that is stored directly with each animal. This allows for an easy and immediate transfer of information that assures our customers of our commitment to individual animal traceability."

The WriteTAG System helps accomplish API's goal of providing management over medicine technologies to the cattle industry by complementing the company's leading testing products designed to identify cattle at risk for bovine viral diarrhea and bovine respiratory disease.

Animal Profiling International Inc. is an American company dedicated to the improvement of animal health management through risk-assessment technologies and advanced animal identification systems. The company's goal is to improve cattle health, performance, and management techniques for operators in the beef and dairy industries.

Animal Profiling International (API) and WriteTAG System are trademarks of Animal Profiling International Inc.

SOURCE: Animal Profiling International via Business Wire.