The American Angus Association (AAA) has introduced two new radio frequency (RF)ID tag options for cattle producers. The Beef Improvement Records (BIR) tag is available in RFID matched-pair sets and RFID tag only options. Any producer wanting to take advantage of the efficiency available with RFID tags can use the BIR tag.

The BIR tag is offered in response to producer demand, explains Jim Shirley, AAA vice president of industry relations and director of commercial programs. "The Association began offering an RFID matched-pair option with its AngusSource(SM) program in 2003, but only cattle enrolled in the AngusSource marketing program are eligible to wear the AngusSource tag. The association is offering the BIR tag option to meet the demands of cattlemen who want to capitalize on the advantages of RFID technology, but whose cattle don't meet the requirements of the AngusSourceSM program."

All RFID tags available through AAA are high-quality Allflex half-duplex RFID tags. The number "burned" into the RFID is printed on the outside of the RFID tag. The BIR logo is printed on the RFID male. For producers who would like to order a matched-pair which includes the RFID tag as well as a visual tag, the BIR visual tag is yellow in color and comes stamped with the BIR logo, a 15-digit unique animal identification number that matches the RFID tag and a customized management codes chosen by the producer.

Producers interested in ordering BIR tags can do so online at or by contacting the AAA.

Source: Association Release