CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Amelot Commodities Group has formed a new division -- Amelot Engineering and Development -- responsible for the development of a vertically integrated biofuels processing system using micro-algae as the feedstock.

"The development of this organization will help Amelot to become a multi-feedstock biofuels producer and allows us to compete long-term with the agricultural industries giants," said Allen Giles, president of Amelot Holdings Inc., parent company of Amelot Commodities Group. "They will also give us the ability to bring our planned facilities online more efficiently and in a timely fashion."

AED will be responsible for the implementation of this technology, the build-out of all future Amelot facilities and the research and development of wind and solar products. Biomass, the energy resource that includes organic matter, supplies about 3 percent of total U.S. energy consumption in the form of electricity, process heat and transportation fuels.

Micro-algae are single-celled microscopic organisms that use photosynthesis to convert the sun's energy into chemical energy.

Amelot Holdings is a diversified holding company that has identified a projected $20 billion opportunity to manufacture renewable fuels to supply the growing demand and to reduce the dependency and environmental impact of fossil fuels. Amelot Alternative Energy Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amelot Holdings Inc., is focused on the production of these renewable fuels, with an emphasis on biodiesel. Amelot Holdings Inc. also owns the following alternate energy and renewable fuel companies: Amelot Commodities Group and Amelot Alternative Energy Inc.

SOURCE: Amelot Holdings Inc. via PrimeNewswire.