NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- AMVAC Chemical Corporation has entered into an exclusive multi-year licensing agreement with Dow AgroSciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, to market, sell and distribute Lorsban 15G insecticide (active ingredient chlorpyrifos), through AMVAC's SmartBox delivery system in the United States.

AMVAC has licensed the entire agricultural label from Dow AgroSciences and will begin selling Lorsban SmartBox in the 2006 season. AMVAC is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Vanguard Corp.

Glen Johnson, senior vice president and director of business development for AMVAC, said, "Lorsban represents the fifth product we will market through our SmartBox system and the first product we have licensed for use outside of corn and soybeans. This license will substantially broaden our reach into crops we do not currently serve with SmartBox, including various vegetable crops, sugar beets, sweet potatoes and peanuts. We see this agreement as an important opportunity to further develop the positioning of SmartBox as the delivery system of choice for granular insecticides."

Eric Wintemute, president and CEO of American Vanguard, said, "While we have a long-standing relationship with Dow, this license is the first deal between our two companies. We hope that this agreement will serve as the basis for future collaborations."

Hank King, Lorsban product manager of Dow AgroSciences, said, "We are very pleased that Lorsban 15G will be available to farmers in the state-of-the-art SmartBox system. The cost-effective performance of Lorsban 15G combined with the superior SmartBox technology make a perfect fit, and provide farmers with additional options for pest control."

AMVAC's SmartBox is a closed handling system that combines precision insecticide application with reduced applicator exposure. Its 50-lb. returnable containers conveniently eliminate the need to open, pour and dispose of bags as well as reducing the risk of skin contact or inhalation exposure. It also features in-cab push-button insecticide control, monitoring and data record keeping capabilities. The SmartBox is a low-maintenance system that can be fitted easily on all major brands of planters.

Lorsban 15G controls a broad spectrum of insect pests such as corn rootworms, lesser cornstalk borer, cutworms, wireworms, white grubs and sugar beet root maggot. The product also inhibits the growth and development of white mold disease. Accordingly, Lorsban 15G is registered for use on alfalfa, asparagus, corn (field, sweet, and corn grown for seed), citrus grove floors, grain sorghum/milo, onions (dry bulb), peanuts, soybeans, sugar beets, sunflowers, sweet potatoes, tobacco and various vegetable crops.

American Vanguard Corporation is a diversified specialty and agricultural products company that develops and markets products for crop protection and management, turf and ornamental management, and public and animal health.

Lorsban is a registered trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC.

SmartBox is a registered trademark of AMVAC Chemical Corporation.

SOURCE: American Vanguard news release via Business Wire.