Alltech Crop Science, a division of Alltech, is partnering with Rothamsted Research for a strategic alliance in the field of agricultural research. One of the oldest agricultural research institutes in the world, Rothamsted has provided cutting-edge science and innovation for more than 170 years. This strategic alliance will facilitate industry-relevant research into sustainable arable and livestock systems with the critical value of improving homegrown feed. The alliance will develop leading research opportunities to investigate on-farm applications to improve soil, crop, feed and livestock health.

“Alltech Crop Science is eager to identify the challenges of the future,” said Robert Walker, general manager, Alltech Crop Science. “By forming strategic alliances with world-class institutes, such as Rothamsted Research, we are provided with a better understanding of the needs and wants of today’s crop.”

“The facility at Rothamsted Research, North Wyke, provides world-leading research to address key questions relating to silage health and feed quality,” said Michael Lee, head of site and professor at North Wyke Farm Platform. “I very much look forward to developing this relationship with Alltech.”

“Alltech’s interests in the arable sector are increasing, and this fits extremely well with our expertise and facilities at Rothamsted Research’s center in Harpenden, and will enhance our joint ambitions in sustainably increasing soil health, crop yields and food quality,” said Steve McGrath, head of the sustainable soils and grassland systems department at Rothamsted Research.

Continuing to advance its research in microbiology, bio-chemistry and nutrigenomics, Alltech Crop Science aims to seamlessly bridge the gap between science and sustainability. The research alliance with Rothamsted, who have expertise in agronomy and agro-ecology, will allow for new scientific knowledge based on research to be implemented through agricultural practice.

Alltech Crop Science continues to invest in its research program. A new state-of-the-art facility is due to open this year at the European headquarters in Ireland. The primary purpose for the new building will be to provide a dedicated facility to carry out a modern crop research program. In addition, four postgraduate students will focus on the areas of abiotic stress, silage quality and gene association, with two additional Ph.D. posts pending.