It was announced on Monday that Land O’Lakes, Inc. and United Suppliers, Inc. of Ames, Iowa, plan to merge their crop inputs businesses. Under the agreement, the first step will be to combine United Suppliers crop protection and seed business with WinField LLC, Land O’Lakes’ crop inputs business.

Aligned Ag Distributors LLC is jointly owned by Franklin Holding Company LLC and United Suppliers, Inc. “We have been in communication with the leaders of Land O’ Lakes/WinField and United Suppliers during these negotiations. We congratulate them on their recent announcement and we look forward to working with the newly merged company as our partner in Aligned Ag Distributors,” said Steve Watts, chairman of Franklin Holding Company and president/CEO of Aligned Ag Distributors. “Together, we will provide extensive coverage for the key agricultural regions of the U.S. and beyond.”

Land O’Lakes/WinField, United Suppliers, and Aligned Ag Distributors will each continue with their existing go-to-market strategies and will draw upon each other’s expertise to better meet customer needs, Watts’ congratulatory statement explained.