LAS VEGAS -- AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy Inc. has announced the availability of a working prototype of its DAFC (Direct-Alcohol-Fuel-Cell).

A demonstration video can be watched at

As announced Dec. 26, 2006, AlgoDyne is actively developing cutting edge DAFC technology to be able to produce electricity from ethanol directly. DAFCs generate power from the direct oxidation of alcohol in conjunction with the reduction of oxygen.

AlgoDyne is currently in the process of negotiating a partnership with a leading supplier of high performance catalysts, a basic element of any fuel cell design.

AlgoDyne's proprietary mico-algae-based (phytoplankton) technology provides a powerful means to produce clean, renewable energy from the continual harvest of bio-mass from Photo-Bioreactors. The end result is the production of ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, electricity, coal and animal feed - all in a carbon dioxide neutral way.

SOURCE: AlgoDyne via Business Wire.