Alcar Chemicals Group Inc. (ACMG), has finalized and filed a first patent application for its proprietary technology of converting agricultural waste and non food-crop into plastic raw materials -- materials used in the fabrication of polyethylene, PET, polyester and polyurethane resins and more -- for a constantly growing plastics manufacturing industry which is already accusing worldwide supply shortages and increased costs related to petroleum.

"As you may or may not know, our strategy to protect our technology has been through provisional patents, which allowed us to keep several details secret while insuring our priority to file. This is now our first worldwide patent with applications filed in Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia and South America and will be followed by an additional two patents presently being finalized," said Dr. Cavasin, CEO.

"By moving beyond this important milestone, ACMG reached a new phase in commercializing this innovative technology -- a phase that will allow us to become a lot more forthcoming on public disclosure, providing an essential tool for negotiating licensing agreements and enabling us to better communicate our ongoing progress," further added Dr. Cavasin.

SOURCE: Alcar Chemicals Grp