BATON ROUGE, La. -- Albemarle Corp. has partnered with LSU students to become a key sponsor of LSU mechanical and biological engineering students' 2010 senior project, the biodiesel Tiger Truck.

The Tiger Truck is on a mission to demonstrate the process of creating biodiesel from waste vegetable oil (WVO) and how to utilize alternative fuels to operate an entire mobile platform. The Tiger Truck team redesigned a fire truck to function as a mobile chemical plant, converting leftover cooking oil from food prepared on the truck to diesel-electric power that propels the vehicle. In addition to providing entertainment through food and refreshments, the team demonstrates the conversion process to children and adults by incorporating step-by-step visuals and hands-on mechanisms for display.

Albemarle's Alternative Fuel Technologies group is focused on the development and commercialization of new breakthrough catalysts and technologies for the conversion of biomass into clean, sustainable transportation fuels.

''This project fits very well with our objectives as a corporation," said Edgar Steenwinkel, global business director AFT.

"Working together with a group of motivated students and helping them with the design, construction and safe operation of their project is very rewarding,'' added Hardin Wells, senior advisor of the mechanical tech service group at Albemarle.

The Tiger Truck Team proudly concludes: "Our main objective is to not only improve the environment we live in, but also to share the knowledge by educating the public of a cleaner and safer method to obtain energy."

Because of the Tiger Truck's mobility, the team plans to showcase the truck at fairs and school events to further its exposure in the community of the Baton Rouge metropolitan area.

About Tiger Truck

The Tiger Truck project is part of LSU's capstone design process, which is divided into two major categories: bio-diesel process and engine dynamics; the team is composed of mechanical and biological engineers. Each engineering discipline was assigned an adviser for this senior project. Adviser Michael Murphy is a mechanical engineering professor at LSU and also the head professor for the 2009-2010 senior capstone design course. His knowledge involving machine design, instrumentation and controls is perfect for the team. Adviser Dorin Boldor is the biological engineering senior design adviser, specializing in the fields of microwave heating, bio-processing and bio-energy.

SOURCE: Albemarle Corp.