MILWAUKEE -- Agtech Products Inc., a leader in agricultural biotechnology, today announced the introduction of new products that provide cost-effective microbial solutions for poultry producers.

The Avicorr product line provides tools to producers who raise poultry using typical, all-natural or organic methods.

The Avicorr product line consists of Avicorr Feed Additive (a microbial feed additive that targets specific challenges faced by turkey and broiler producers), Avicorr Water Soluble (the water soluble form of Avicorr Feed Additive offering a different delivery option), Avicorr Colonizer (a microbial treatment that provides the specific strains of bacteria to colonize or re-colonize the digestive tract) and Avicorr Litter Treatment (microbial litter treatment to aid in the proper decomposition of manure).

The Avicorr products supply scientifically selected bacteria chosen for benefits they provide during a specific phase of poultry production. The Avicorr product line is designed to be used in all types of poultry production.

Established in 1993, Agtech Products is an agricultural biotechnology company dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and technical support of microbiological-based products for the animal agriculture industry. Agtech Products employs a number of research scientists, manufacturing and marketing personnel at its headquarters in Waukesha, Wis.

SOURCE: Agtech Products Inc. via Business Wire.