AgSafe in parternship with several organizations will be conducting a couple special symposium and a management institute this week.

The AgWISE Symposium—Napa Valley (Spanish Only) will be held Jan. 13 at the Embassy Suites Napa Valley. This symposium is advertised as a premier event for workplace safety, health and human resources and leadership skills for agricultural leaders such as general managers, safety and human resource professionals, supervisors and farm labor contractors.

The Agricultural Management Institute (English Only) will be held Jan. 14 at the Embassy Suites Napa Valley. Topics to be covered specific to California are the passage of AB 1513 and it being a game changer for those in the ag industry utilizing production incentives for their employees. The session will investigate this new regulation and the real impact it will have on agribusinesses across California. This topic will be followed by a session on current trends, new employment laws and regulations impacting the industry. Practical solutions are promised to be provided by the speakers.

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