CALGARY, ALBERTA -- Agrium Inc. announced today that in order to allow more time for the Federal Trade Commission to review information submitted in connection with Agrium's proposed acquisition of CF Industries Holdings Inc., Agrium has withdrawn its notification and report form and plans to re-file at the appropriate time.

Agrium originally filed its HSR Form on March 24, 2009 and re-filed it on April 27, 2009. Since the original filing of its HSR Form, Agrium and the staff (Staff) of the FTC have been engaged in informal discussions during which Agrium provided the staff with additional information about the business of Agrium. Agrium believes the staff has continued to narrow the focus of its investigation of the proposed acquisition of CF Industries.

The current withdrawal and future re-filing of Agrium's HSR Form will provide the FTC with more time to review the information submitted by Agrium, without requiring a Request for Additional Information or "second request."

Agrium remains committed to working cooperatively with the FTC as it conducts its review of the proposed acquisition and Agrium remains confident the HSR waiting period will ultimately expire without any material effect to the transaction.

SOURCE: Agrium..